Logitech Z533 2.1

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RMS power
RMS (Root Mean Square) is a measure of the continuous power of a device, in particular of audio amplifiers and speakers.
60 W
peak current
This is the maximum power required by the device or peak music power.
120 W
Recommended usage
What should be, under what conditions and how the product is used (eg ambient temperature).
Color of product
The color as red, blue, green, black, white.
audio channels
An audio output channel is an electrical circuit that serves as a path for a generated signal. A device can support multiple audio output channels have.
2.1 channels
contain reinforcing device
The product has to amplification device, All which is used to strengthen a signal (s).
Amplifier frequency bandwidth
55-20000 Hz
Satellite speaker
Number of satellites
The quantity of satellite speakers. These are speakers used in surround sound systems did are Intended to be Placed around a center channel speaker, as a part of a technique to recreate "three-dimensional" immersive sound; They tend to be smaller than the center speaker, and oft contain audio to the left, right, and behind of the center channel.
Satellites RMS power
This is a measure of the continuous power (RMS power) produced by a satellite speaker.
15 W
Woofer diameter satellite speakers (imperial)
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